The Grid - Some sketches...

I just found a couple of one year old sketches on my laptop. They look hmm... old and dusty ;(


The Grid - Scale model.

Hello! I just found some images of my one year old scale model from my project called The Grid. Some very nice images taken by my good friend Hannes Soderlund. Check out his website here. Thanks alot!


Carmen Award 2010

Here I am at the show receiving a price (Carmen Award 2010: Highly Commended) from good old Clive Birch. Thanks a lot!


Winner of the Pilkington Award 2010: Best Overall Design Interpretation.

Last week at the private view I was lucky enough to win a price for my degree project "The Grid". I received the price from one of the judges David Wilkie who said some nice things about my work - Thank you very much and thank you Pilkington for having this award. My buddy David Seesing won the other price for Best Use of Glazing, well deserved and good job. The runner-ups were Dalibor Pantucek and Miika Heikkinen, also really good work. If you want to se more from the award click here.


Me at the RCA show 2010.

Here I am presenting my work to the Pilkington jury.

(Thanks Robert for the photo).

Winner of Majenta scholarship 2010, thanks.

A big thanks to Salvador at Majenta Academy for the support with my degree project. If you are interested in learning Autodesk AliasStudio get in contact with http://www.majentacademy.com.


Green Dot Awards 2009

"The London Garden" project got honorable mentionings in two different categories. One in the category "Concept" and one in "Transportation". Always fun to get recognition.



Royal College of Art of United Kingdom was Awarded Honorable Mention in services Concept for the entry titled, " London Garden ." The jury selected winners from over 500 entries from over 25 countries.


Shortlisted in Bentley Aerodynamics project.

This was in many ways a very interesting project. First of all working with Bentley was a pleasure, very professional and generous. Secondly we worked with an aerodynamic company called Exa, whom tested our cad designs and gave us tips on how to improve the aerodynamics. And thirdly, I had to learn some Alias to be able to participate at all. Something I am very thankful for now when the project is over, but believe me when I say this project had some frustrating working hours. Even though I didn't win, I feel I won a lot of new knowledge.

My concept: My finale CD on my car was 0.255. This was mainly achieved through a very simple boxlike architecture with simple surfaces not allowing any for any drag. This in combination with an applied alternative luxury aesthetic (inspired by high end kitchens and electronic devices) created my concept "The Arca". The result is a very simplistic aerodynamic efficient Bentley which would be targeted towards consumers with an alternative view on luxury aesthetics.

Bentley - My first 3D modeling ever.

Another important detail about my project is the personalization of not just the interior as today, but also applying the same service on the exterior. The simple overall aerodynamic shape is divided into parts with different materials that can be treated in many ways accordingly to the consumers requests. This is done to create a unique buyer experience that brings Bentleys amazing craftsmanship to a new level. Every buyer is unique and this is reflected in his or her
Bentley Arca.

The "Visual Sound" is located inside of the car and works in the way that the hood is created by an extended windscreen that covers the deep dashboard inside. Just beneath the fabric dashboard is a graphical light sources which response to the drivers throttle. Just like the roar from a conventional engine, but translated to suite a silent electric engine. And by doing so keeping the Bentley engine oriented heritage, even if they one day go electric.